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How to Engrave a Crystal Photo Block

When you’re looking for crystal photo gifts, one of the most popular types of crystal are those that are transparent. There are various styles that are transparent or frosted, so the style that you choose will be different. The type of crystal that you use will also vary based on what your goal is for the crystal photo gift. Some are just meant to be a keepsake to remember a special memory with, while others are more geared towards being an accessory. If you are looking to use crystal photo gifts for something besides a sentimental gift, here are some ideas that might get your creative juices flowing.

Crystal Photo Engraving Some of the most intricate and expensive crystal photo engravings can only be done on the highest quality of optical glass and are not possible to do with any other material. The best quality crystal photo blocks need to be made using the purest optical glasses, such as the highest k9 quality optical glass. They are 100% optically crystal clear and are free of chemicals that can discolor them. Because they must be created in a controlled environment, most of the better crystal photo engravers are able to do their work with laser photo block technology. This process engraves the image directly onto the crystal, avoiding any possibility of smearing or smudging.

Crystal Photo Block These types of crystal photo gifts are simply a piece of standard glass with an engraved image. They can be etched right onto the surface or glued on with a special silicone glue. They can have an embossed design, have text engraved or even be colored. These are a high-end alternative to the standard photo frame, and although they can easily cost more than the frame, the photo is protected from all of the elements that can damage a standard photo frame. For this reason, they are often used instead of standard photo frames when a more elaborate photo set is needed.

Engraved or Lampshade Rings Most of the time when you buy a crystal photo block, it is accompanied by a glow in the dark luminous base. The luminous base serves as both a design element and as a place for the engraving process. Often, the luminous base will have a photograph engrossed in it, and the ring will hold it there. These types of rings are often used as place cards, to make it easier to locate someone at a party.

Crystal Photo Engraving Machines While the basic process of engraving is the same, the method of crystal photo block engraving differs from machine to machine. The simplest machines will simply use a roll of paper to catch the light, and then the photo is caught through the bottom sheet. Other types of machines will catch the light through a colored band, then have the roll passed through a chisel head at the bottom of the crystal photo block. The result is a raised pattern that is made by the crystal photo block on the opposite side of the band of the photo. Most engraving machines will allow for different patterns, so you can have something like a chessboard engraved with a photo.

Collage Engraving One of the benefits of using a crystal photo block as your photo gift is that they can be used in a collage format. Simply take a piece of card stock, a piece of fabric, and a piece of plastic wrap, and you have a wonderful collage. Simply rip out one picture from each of the materials, and then arrange the pieces beside each other, and you have a nice large portrait format. This works best with small, flat photos, so it works great for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and even portraits. If you do not want to cut out your own fabric, there are many stores that sell beautiful fabric that you can use as a backdrop.